Commercial kitchen designs

Commercial kitchen designs in Brighton and Hove

Are you looking for commercial kitchen designs? Contact Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd. We can provide a range of designs to suit your requirements and budget.

Sophisticated commercial kitchen design and planning solutions

For sophisticated commercial kitchen designs, contact Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd. We use CAD software to provide high-quality kitchen layouts and plans. With our help, you can achieve maximum utility and efficiency from the space available for your kitchen,
Kitchen blueprint

Kitchen designs

Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd have been designing and planning kitchens for more than 20 years. We understand the way in which commercial kitchens operate and kitchen equipment has changed within this time to meet evolving customer needs and how this will help future proof your kitchen. CCC Ltd work with clients to fully understand their menu, chef requirements, budget, space allocation and timescale to meet and exceed your project expectations.
Bar designs

Bar designs in Sussex, London and throughout the South East

You can depend on Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd to provide practical and efficient bar designs. We understand that the design of your bar space is very important. It is one of the key elements for your front of house operations. So, we provide customised bar designs that can achieve maximum utility and efficiency for your business.
Kitchen blueprint

Extraction supply air and gas safety compliance

To comply with current safety regulations, you will require a ventilation system that meets the necessary standards. From straightforward installations to the ones that require complex processes, we can handle the job efficiently.
We can ensure compliance for air ventilation systems that require:
  • Carbon filtration
  • Electrostatic filters
  • Odour control
  • Ozone neutralisation
We can guide you through the entire process. Give us a call today.
Commercial Catering Contracts Ltd provides commercial kitchen designs and bar designs in Brighton and Hove, Sussex, London and the South East. To book our services, call us on
01273 885 655
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